LIBRARY Readers ALERT no. 259 – Wheel-Leg Robot

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1. Erico Guizzo and Evan Ackerman. “Boston Dynamics officially unveils its wheel-leg robot: best of both worlds,”
IEEE Spectrum (27 February, 2017)

Boston Dynamics, the Alphabet-owned robotics company, unveiled a new robot that is unlike anything ever seen before. It can jump over hurdles and land on its wheeled feet, lift a single leg while moving, stroll in the snow and go downstairs as well as carry a 45-kg crate.

2. Mary Beth Griggs. “Watch scientists train bees to play with tiny soccer balls,”
Popular Science (24 February 2017)

Could a bumblebee learn to score like Messi? In a recent study published in Science, researchers at the Queen Mary University of London demonstrated that bees could learn to do a totally unnatural task like moving a ball into a specified area.


media cover

North Korea’s hidden revolution: how the information underground is transforming a closed society / Jieun Baek

North Korea has long been known for its repressive regime. Yet it is far from being an impenetrable wall. Drawing on deeply personal interviews with North Korean defectors from all walks of life, the author tells the story of citizens who take extraordinary risks by circulating illicit content such as foreign films, television shows, soap operas, books, and encyclopedias. The materials these citizens disseminate foster an awareness of life outside North Korea, and are affecting the social and political consciousness of its people, as well as their everyday lives.


Google Arts & Culture – China Intangible Heritage Industry Alliance

Founded in 2011, the Google Cultural Institute is a not-for-profit initiative that partners with cultural organizations to bring the world’s cultural heritage online. The China Intangible Heritage Industry Alliance is one of the initiatives that showcases more than 1,800 artworks made by China’s ethnic groups, including the making of traditional Chinese concerted paper and shadow puppets.

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