LIBRARY Readers ALERT no. 260 – Flying Car

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1. Jack Stewart. “Airbus swears its pod/car/drone is a serious idea definitely,” (10 March, 2017)

Drones are all the rage in the tech world, but what about your own personal transport aerial vehicle? Airbus and Italdesign have joined force to create a flying car “Pop.Up” which is a modular, zero-emission concept car designed for both ground and airspace.

2. Rachel Hartigan Shea & Victoria Jaggard. “Quiz: Do you have the traits of a genius?”
National Geographic (14 March 2017)

While the makings of a genius are hard to pin down, there are some recognized traits that historical geniuses seem to share. How many do you have in common?


book cover

Population in China / Riley Nancy E

China is home to a fifth of the world’s population. For the last several decades, this huge population has been in flux: fertility has fallen sharply, mortality has declined, and massive rural-to-urban migration is taking place. China’s population policies and outcomes are not simply imposed by the state, but have arisen from the social and economic development of China over the past sixty years.



Jin Yong Gallery (金庸館)

Jin Yong (查良鏞) is a world-famous Hong Kong journalist, community leader and literary giant. In 1955, he published his first martial arts novel “The Book and the Sword” (書劍恩仇錄) in New Evening Post. Jin Yong’s martial arts novels have inspired producers of movies, TV series, radio dramas, stage dramas, video games and various cultural and creative products, deeply influencing the development of popular culture in Hong Kong over the past decades.

This gallery features more than 100 exhibits including early editions of Jin Yong’s novels, invaluable manuscripts, documents and photos introducing the early career of Jin Yong, the creative process behind his martial arts novels and the impact the novels have had on Hong Kong’s popular culture.

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