LIBRARY Readers ALERT no. 263 — Digital Human Faces

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1. Scoles, Sarah. “A rare journey into the Cheyenne Mountain complex, a super-bunker that can survive anything,”
Wired. (2017, May 3).

Cheyenne Mountain—a rounded, rocky thing that rises 9,565 feet above sea level—looks wild and quiet. But deep inside the mountain, a crew of humans toils in one of the nation’s most secure military installations. Shielded by 2,500 feet of granite, these people gather and analyze data from a global surveillance system, in an attempt to warn the US government’s highest officials of launches and missile threats to North America.

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2. Hutson, Matthew. “Computer scientists have created the most accurate digital model of a human face. Here’s what it can do,”
Science News. (May 1, 2017)

A group of researchers has created the most advanced technique yet for building 3D facial models on the computer. The system could improve personalized avatars in video games, facial recognition for security, and of course Snapchat filters.


book cover

Science and the city: the mechanics behind the metropolis / Laurie Winkless

Science is secretly at work behind the scenes of major cities of the world, and will continue to be so.

More than 50 percent of the world’s population now lives in cities, and that proportion is growing fast. Can engineering provide the answer to a viable megacity future?


Inventing le Louvre: From Palace to Museum over 800 Years

The Louvre Museum is a world-renowned museum. This exhibition illustrates the diversity and richness of the museum’s collections, displaying paintings, sculptures, ceramics, tapestries, etc. The artworks in the collection are from different periods, born from the royal collections of François I and Louis XIV.

Louis Vuitton – Time Capsule Exhibition in Hong Kong

Time Capsule begins with French artisans demonstrating traditional leatherwork skills that remain as relevant today as they were in the past century. The exhibition then follows a visual timeline of landmarks in the LV story, focusing on five key aspects: Codes of the House, Journeys around the World, Elegance and Beauty in Motion, Icons of the House and a Celebration of the House’s Past and Present links with Hong Kong.

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