LIBRARY Readers ALERT no. 265 — What’s in a Picture

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1. Elizabeth Stinson Gear. “How to stay in the moment: take a picture,”
Wired. (2017, August 13).

Snapping photos with smartphones has become part of our daily lives. Will this action create more sustainable memories or just the opposite? Let’s hear what psychologists say.

Wired is available electronically at

2. “Our favorite picture from around the world this month,”
National Geographic Magazine. (2017, August)

35 remarkable photos of different countries and people were selected and posted on the National Geographic webpage. Can you spin a story out of each photo?

National Geographic is available electronically at


book cover

Night photography and light painting : finding your way in the dark / Lance Keimig

Here is a chance for you to improve on your moonlight and star trail pictures. Don’t miss this handbook which offers a wealth of practical night photography skills. You will also find images taken by fellow photographers and associated technical specifications.


exhibition picture

Braving Untold Dangers: War Correspondents at Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence

Curious about war correspondents, one of the most dangerous professions on earth?

Visit this exhibition which showcases first-hand war reports, narratives, images and footages of the wars in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Other exhibit highlights include a Leica camera used during WWII and a journalist’s protective suit in the 2003 Iraq War. They all reveal the brutalities of wars and make us ponder the value of peace.

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