LIBRARY Readers ALERT no. 267 – Electric Motors Taking to the Sky

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1. “Let’s twist again: as electric motors improve, more things are being electrified,”
The Economist. (2017, Sept 16).

In the early 20th century, internal combustion cars dominated the market. Now into the 21st century, electric cars and motors are everywhere. Some highly efficient electric motors can turn 98% of the electricity put into them into mechanical power. Electric motors are even “taking to the sky” with aviation companies like Boeing and Airbus studying electric-propulsion systems.

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2. Higgins, Tim and Rollet, Charles. “Tesla sales plunge in Hong Kong,”
The Wall Street Journal (2017, July 10).

Following a change in government policy on subsidies for electric vehicles, far less people in Hong Kong are buying Teslas, showing how much Tesla’s sales in the city was tied to the government’s incentive programs.

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book cover

Mapping time : the calendar and its history / E.G. Richards.

Humans have been counting days and mapping them to the stars, the sun, the moon, and other events for thousands of years. Learn about the world’s ancient time-keeping methods, the development of modern calendars, and how to do experiments and calculations yourself with stargazing and simple mathematics.


October 4th, 1582, Pope Gregory XIII implemented the Gregorian calendar (replacing the Julian) in Catholic states like France, Italy, Poland, and Spain. The next day was October 15th. Many other countries have adopted it over the last 435 years.

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