LIBRARY Readers ALERT no. 272 – Origins of PowerPoint

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1. Tindera, Michela. “World’s billionaires 30th anniversary: looking back on three decades of billionaires,” (22 March 2017)

Since 1987 Forbes has been tracking the world’s wealthiest people. Thirty years later, a comment from its inaugural issue continues to hold true: “How someone managed to make or hold a billion dollars is likely to tell you something about how the world works.”


2. Brock, David C. “The improbable origins of PowerPoint,”
IEEE Spectrum vol. 54, Iss. 11 (November 2017): p. 42-49.

Here’s the surprising story behind the presentation software that conquered the world, one slide at a time.

IEEE Spectrum is available electronically at


media cover

Is Genesis history? / producer, writer & director, Thomas Purifoy.

Dr. Del Tackett treks the globe to meet with top scientists and scholars and asks the questions surrounding the most controversial book of the Bible that everyone is curious about: Was everything created in six days? Did we evolve from apes? Were Adam and Eve real? Was there a global flood? What happened to the dinosaurs? Was there a tower of Babel? This first-of-its-kind documentary also features a special panel discussion on the importance of Genesis to our faith today.





new year fireworks

Hong Kong WinterFest

Hong Kong Winterfest features a number of seasonal events during the Christmas and New Year period, including the iconic sparkling Statue Square Christmas Tree, Hong Kong Pulse Light Show with spectacular 3D audiovisual effects at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and the TST Clock Tower, and New Year Countdown and Fireworks celebration over Victoria Harbour. Let’s usher in 2018 with anticipation, excitement and joy.


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