LIBRARY Readers ALERT no. 275 – Story of Gore-Tex

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1. Chowdhry, Amit. “Facebook reiterates that it does not listen to conversations through your phone for ad targeting,” (October 31, 2017)

Facebook denies the allegation that they use smartphone microphone to probe into users’ conversations for ad targeting. Yet people are still receiving advertisements related to their recent real-life conversations.

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2. Keats, Jonathan. “The accidental origins of an outdoor clothing essential,”
Wired (January 14, 2018)

Gore-Tex products are well known for providing excellent and long-lasting weather protection for the wearer. Here is the story of Gore-Tex and how it was discovered accidentally.

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media cover

Video production handbook / Jim Owens

Find out the full video production process, from the inception of an idea to final distribution. Look here also for useful tips on how to create good video content on any kind of budget.


Ling-Nan Hung-Kuen Across the Century – Kung Fu Narratives in Hong Kong Cinema and Community

This exhibition features one of the most important Chinese martial art systems, Hung Kuen (洪拳) with innovative new media technology and 3D visualization. Visitors are guaranteed to have a thrilling kung fu experience. Act soon as the exhibition is ending.

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